Ward Candidate    Wilhelm Louis Schultz          

IRASA Willie Schultz

Willie Schultz is a Chartered Accountant with 35 years’ experience in finance, ICT, transport and logistics, FMCG, hospitality and manufacturing.  He has served in many oversight capacities, and worked in the corporate environment, JSE listed groups and small business sectors, as well as handled industrial relations & wage negotiations

He believes development will only come to us when we learn to work together, and that we need to leverage synergies, as well as drive efficiencies and effectiveness daily, to enable growth and alleviate inequalities.  

Our costs are simply too high at the moment, and our planning and the execution of these plans can always improve.  We always have the need to upskill, train and develop in the ordinary course of business, as opposed to new grand plans that are usually too big to get going properly.

A staggering 92% of South Africa's municipalities are in financial trouble, it is time to ramp up on experienced financial people who can assist to run a tight ship, and to reorganize so we can do more with less money being spent.
The whole world is changing faster than before, and we need to find new ways of doing.  We have no other option to do more with less, and today’s records are tomorrow’s standards.  We are not competing amongst ourselves, but with the rest of the world.
People have two ears and one mouth, and should use them in the same ratio.  Unless we listen and build a proper understanding before we plan and act, little will pan out positively.

He has made a commitment in terms of #MadibaExtended to do a positive deed for the community once a week, regardless.