IRASA is the Independent Ratepayers Association of SA,

a large ratepayers organisation listed with the IEC nationally,

contesting the 2016 local municipal elections.

Ward 29 - Cato Manor

Cato Manor, Old & New Dunbar, Umkumbaan, Wiggins


Affiliate your local RatePayer Association

Encourage your local Ratepayers association to join IRASA so we can improve service delivery in your area, and work together to improve the lives of all our people.  Talk to us about how we can work together, for the benefit of your area, using economies of scale.  

Why Vote for IRASA

IRASA Councillors vote according to their conscience, and are not expected to spend any time on party political activities, or to play proxy for someone higher up in the party hierarchy.

IRASA serves communities interests, and do not partake in political posturing and bickering.

We partake in both the Ward and the PR list in the elections, please give us your vote for the ward candidate and for the party.


Your IRASA Ward Candidate


Ward Statistics

 ward 29 statistics


Any Ideas how to make your suburb better and safer

email us at or fill in our quick polls or survey(s),

or even better, contact you ward candidate 

Let us know what you think and what you want!


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